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ZeezBeez are a quirky duo that love making soaps and shampoo bars, bath bombs, lip balms and beeswax food wraps using ingredients that our own honeybees are kind enough to share with us. When the bees can spare any, you may be lucky enough to buy their incredibly tasty ‘raw’ honey too.


Our mission is to see all pollinators thrive alongside our honeybees and to help drive down our reliance on single-use plastics and products that harm the delicate balance of our Earth. Much of our earnings goes towards planting for all pollinators and we like nothing better than selling a soap or shampoo bar as it usually means one less plastic bottle to clog up our oceans. Users find our bars so nourishing that they can often give up expensive hand creams and conditioners, thus saving further plastic bottles from doing harm – hooray! Our beeswax food wraps can be used instead of plastic cling film in most situations. Any film sleeves or packaging we use is recycled, recyclable or made from plants and therefore biodegradable or compostable. All our products are certified as palm oil free to reassure you that none has sneaked in under another name.


There’s so much more to tell, so do come and see us at the market on Thursday or Saturday. Feel free to ask Zena about our lovely soaps etc and talk to Colin about bees – if you have a spare half hour!


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